I’m a native New Yorker, born and raised in Hoboken, N. J… home to Frank Sinatra.

A driving individual with an inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirit, I have had the good fortune to enjoy multiple professional lives in several challenging fields such as advertising and photography, while wearing hats as diverse as restaurateur to construction manager.

Additionally, I worked in Information Technology for Sun Microsystems for 10 years, in Colorado, California, and New York until just after 9/11, which provided the final impetus to leave New York and settle in a more congenial atmosphere. My wife, Beth, and I planned our move to Asheville shortly after 9/11 and I am proud to say we bested our plan by six months. We have learned how to make things happen. During our planning stage, I was determined to retire here when the entrepreneurial bug struck again.

We love Asheville, and think of it as a sublime complement to Manhattan’s West Village, equally enchanting, yet blessed with a more hospitable climate and a setting surrounded by the beautiful “Blue Ridge” - mountains made from the earth, not canyons of steel and concrete.

At the manageable and hospitable scale of just 85,000 residents, Asheville is nonetheless a very cosmopolitan city boasting great restaurants, shopping, the Arts, superb healthcare conventional and alternative- as well as a plethora of outdoor activities. {more on Asheville NC} 

In my current work as a Realtor, and Property Manager I apply the same boundless passion I have dedicated to all my other endeavors. Mainly as a “buyers agent”, I represent only a few clients at any one time, working diligently and resourcefully to discover my clients’ dream home and to apply my strong negotiating skills toward the acquisition and realization of their “happily ever after”.

So if you are looking for home discovery representation that is discerning, singularly focused, impeccable, principled, and practical, then I hope you will allow me to assist you in your quest to relocate to our wonderful corner of the world and welcoming community.