Nestled between Sunrise and Sunset in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, is the urban paradise often referred to as the “Paris of the South”…Asheville, North Carolina.

A broad minded, cosmopolitan haven of progressive nature and creative energy…outdoor cafes, scintillating galleries, alluring boutiques, vibrant music, inspired restaurants, merry and crafts filled fairs and comprehensive health care… Asheville is fascinating, diverse and a welcoming place to call home. The Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Asheville offer an extensive variety of real estate opportunities… neighborhood homes, private estates, farm houses with pasture land for horses, condominiums, townhouses, or a profusion of vista laden land should you choose to build your custom home. In any case the area offers infinite choices. Asheville real estate has appropriately earned a great deal of national and international attention

Asheville and the surrounding area are considered one of the best places in the world for retirees. Asheville real estate is relatively inexpensive compared to most metropolitan areas. The low property tax rate, lack of congestion, premier health care, excellent education, low crime rate, and generally lower infrastructure costs are welcomed by retirees, businesses, and families alike.

One glance at our picturesque downtown and it’s easy to recognize Asheville as an enclave of free spirits and free thinkers. It offers all the modern conveniences, resources and experiences you might expect only to find in a much larger cosmopolitan area, while still preserving its unique character and charm. And just when you think you know it, a new and exciting aspect or opportunity arises

A little bit Soho and a little bit Mayberry, Asheville, North Carolina is a departure from the expected and offers a unique blend of cultural influences. Only Asheville can boast of stately landmarks like the Biltmore Estate and the Grove Park Inn in harmony with outdoor recreation and street celebrations that are second to none.

Helping you to stay active and vital, Asheville offers a combination of the most advanced medical centers and wellness resources, along with a thriving holistic health culture. Thus, you have your choice of the best of alternative medicine.